Toby Keith’s wife stays with him through chemo, met him before fame and wealth

Toby Keith’s wife stays with him through chemo, met him before fame and wealth

Wedding vows are promises made by couples to stay together through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, and in poverty or prosperity. Such vows are not easy to make and require true love and commitment to be kept.

Although the entertainment industry is known for its unstable relationships, some couples defy the odds and show that fame and fortune cannot hinder true and enduring love. One such couple is Toby Keith and his wife Tricia Lucas.


Toby Keith’s love for music was evident even when he was working as an oil field laborer after graduating from Moore High School in 1979. He played the guitar and wrote songs in his spare time and performed with his band Easy Money at local clubs. It was at one such club where he met Tricia, who worked as a secretary in an oil business. They started dating and got married in 1984 after three years of courtship.

Toby struggled financially after the company he worked for went bankrupt, but Tricia never left his side. They faced each challenge together and never gave up. Despite criticism from people who thought Toby should get a “real job,” they held on and did what they could as a couple. Their struggles and perseverance paid off when Toby made a name in the country music scene years later.

The couple welcomed two more children, and everything was going well until Toby received the devastating news in 2021 that he had stomach cancer. Toby made his health a priority, and Tricia stood by his side throughout his chemotherapy sessions. After six months of treatment, Toby is doing well and sending messages of hope to his fans.

Despite the challenges they faced, Toby and Tricia celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary.

Their decades of togetherness were not easy, but they had each other, which was the most important thing. Their enduring love and commitment to each other are an inspiration to us all.


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